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Life Enrichment Groups (LEGs)

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Each component of this 3-part strategy is intended to work harmoniously with the other to enhance our ability to fulfill the vision of PASSAGE: “An ever-expanding, global community of Christ’s disciples living the VICTORIOUS life.”

Certain elements of the overall strategy were impressed upon Pastor George's heart during the year 2020, and the strategy was later solidified through a spirit-inspired epiphany during the COVID-19 pandemic season of 2021.


The three components of the PASSAGE strategy include:

  • A "traditional" church strategy – in-person assembly and God-honoring worship, internal people-oriented ministries (in-reach), local/global community outreach.

  • LEGs (Life Enrichment Groups) strategy -- small groups (home-based, online, workplace, school/college campuses, wellness institutions (convalescent centers, assisted living dwellings), community and housing centers; engaging partners, family, friends, associates, neighbors, etc. -- local, regional, global)

  • A multi-media-based strategy – fully employing technology, including internet, social media, tv, radio, telephone, etc.

LEGs Strategy

LEGs is a vital component of a three-part strategy to fulfill the PASSAGE vision in accordance with the mandates of Jesus: Great Commission and Great Commandment. (Matthew 22:37-40)

LEGs is a vital component of a three-part strategy to fulfill the PASSAGE vision in accordance with the PASSAGE 3-E's values of excellence, effectiveness, and efficiency.


LEGs Definition: LEGs is a Biblically-based strategy at PASSAGE to “build communities of faith and enrich the lives of people through personal discipleship and small groups fellowship.”


LEGs Motto: GO!

LEGs Mission: GROWTH = Go Reach Others With The Heart


LEGs is more than "just" a Bible study. LEGs is a safe place where people can encounter God, and find resources and relationships to nurture their spiritual GROWTH


LEGs is INTENTIONALLY designed to fulfill our ultimate call, make Disciples and  Love our neighbors as we love ourselves!


Our Calling:

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit… Matthew 28:18-20

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind… You shall love your neighbor as yourself. Matthew 22:37-3

Web2 - Awakening LEG (600 × 600 px).png
Awakening LEG
Web2 - Called To Greatness LEG (600 × 600 px).png
College LEG
Web2 - Good News LEG (600 × 600 px) (1).png
Good News LEG
Web2- P-leggs LEG Post (600 × 600 px).png
P-Leggs LEG
Web2 - Beat The Streets LEG - Carlos Southerland (600 × 600 px).png
Beat the Streets LEG
Web2 - CIA LEG - Staja Booker (600 × 600 px).png
Web2 - Love & Blessings LEG - Colombia (600 × 600 px).png
Love & Blessings LEG
Web2 - Studious LEG.png
Studious LEG
Web2 - Bowl For Souls LEG  (600 × 600 px).png
Bowl for Souls LEG
Web2 - Family LEG - Colombia (600 × 600 px).png
Family LEG in Colombia
Web2 - LYN LEG (600 × 600 px).png
Web2 - The Front Porch LEG (600 × 600 px).png
The Front Porch LEG
Web2 - Fired-Up LEG (Mechelle) (600 × 600 px).png
Fired-Up LEG
_Web2 - New Awakening LEG (600 × 600 px).png
New Awakening LEG
Web - Walking LEG (600 × 600 px).png
Walking LEG
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