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Ministerial Leadership and Development Institute Application
1. Are you a partner of PASSAGE Ministries?
2. Are you familiar with the Statement of Faith, and the Vision and Mission statements of PASSAGE, Ministries, and do you wholeheartedly support ecah of them?
3. Do you know what your "Spiritual Gifts" are?
6. Were you acknowledged and addressed as a Minister in your previous church by your Pastor?
8. Do you have any formal theological training?
9. Are you presently licensed through another organization?
10. Have you been ordained through another organization?
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11. Have you ministered (preached/taught) before a formal congregation in a church setting in the last five years?
If so, how many times did you minister (preach/teach)?
How would you rate your prayer life?
13. Did you leave your previous church in good standing with the congregation and the Pastor?
16. Are you presently on probation or a fugitive of the law?
17. What is your marital status?
Do you have children?
18. Are you employed?
19. Are you a tither or consistent financial supporter of PASSAGE?
Have you ever been a regular and consistent tither anywhere?
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In order to be granted approval and acceptance into the MLDI Program, applicant(s) must be willing to comply with the terms of the PASSAGE Standards & Expectations for Ministers and Teachers, including the following:

  • Be a disciple of Jesus Christ (a believer and follower);

  • Faithfully support the Vision and Mission of PASSAGE;

  • Support the leadership of PASSAGE;

  • Walk in integrity;

  • Be (or become) a tither upon submittal of application;

  • Be a faithful attender to church services, classes, and ministry functions;

  • Agree to complete homework and participate in class exercises and projects, and meet all other required class expectations; and

  • Agree to faithfully and actively serve in one or more ministries within PASSAGE.

23. Do you agree to fully comply with these requirements?

24. Provide a letter of reference from two (2) clergy (ordained Ministers or Elders). Reference must address the following:


  • How long the clergy has personally known you;

  • The applicant's spiritual maturity and development;

  • A rating of the applicant's Bible knowledge (scale 1-10);

  • Loyalty and service to church;

  • Dependability;

  • Trust and integrity;

  • The applicant's moral character;

  • Area(s) where improvement is needed in the life or character of the applicant;


NOTE: The reference letters must be signed and mailed directly to the PASSAGE MLDI Office to the attention of Elder Johnny Boswell, Sr., 2020 NE 15th Street, Gainesville, Fl 32609; or e-mailed to

I, hereby confirm that all of the information provided and attached to this application is fully true and accurate. I also authorize PASSAGE Ministries, Inc. to perform an official background check and contact my references. I understand and accept that an incomplete application or false or inaccurate information provided in my application will subject my application to immediate rejection or my removal from the MLDI program.

Thanks for submitting!

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