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The Front Porch LEG

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  1. Leader Name: Ebony Perry

  2. Ministries at PASSAGE in which Ms. Perry is involved:
    * Children's Church
    * Ladies of PASSAGE (LOP)

  3. LEG Launching Date: September 8, 2022
    Fellowship time to share LEGs vision, group covenant, and other general information.

  4. LEG Start Date: September 17, 2022

  5. LEG Address: 32607

  6. LEG Day and Time: Every other Saturday at 10:30 am

  7. LEG Format:  In-person

  8. LEG Name : The Front Porch LEG

  9. LEG Description: We are a team of believers who value our fellowship together. On a biweekly basis, we share the Good News while eating meals we enjoy. We expect GOD to strengthen our bond as a team & support our cohesiveness through fellowship and prayer; not only will we shift the atmosphere, improve morale but ultimately be the change we want to see.  We're in expectation for GOD to move within the borders of our meeting place & allow our experience to spill into every aspect of our lives. In Jesus' Name!

  10. Child Care:   No

  11. Day Available for Check In with LEGs Leader (if needed): 
    Wednesday at 10 am

  12. Checklist of documents that you need before starting the LEG:
    * Group Covenant
    * Join LEGs Facebook Private Group

  13. LEGs Director’s Name: Monica Williams


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